Thef Protection

Robust And Compact
Sigfox Data Transmission
Long Battery Life
IP67 Water-Resistant


Altert Notification and Position Tracking

Movement Detection

A sensor permanently monitors movement. If movement is detected, an alarm is triggered and the poistion tracking is started. Movement is monitored until the unit comes to a permanent rest. Afterwards the position is tracked with maximum precision and also sent to the internet.

SMS Notification

When an alarm is triggered, a SMS notification is sent instantly. After that the GPS tracking is started and the position is recorded on a regular basis.

GPS Tracking

The integrated GPS receiver tracks the current position when an alarm is triggered and sends it on a regular basis. Movement can then be traced on a map. When the unit comes to a permanent stop, the GPS receiver calcuates the final position with maximum precision an also sends it. The unit then goes to sleep until more movement is monitored.

Long Battery Life

The integrated battery has power for about 3 years and therefore garantees a long lifetime of the unit. The battery status is transmitted once per day and the battery can be exchanged when emtpy.

Robust Casing

The case is IP67 dust and water resistant. It can operate at dusty, dirty locations or can be hidden inside of a beehive.

Compact Size

The case is very small and can therefore easily be hidden in small places.