Bee scales

The Hive surveilance tracks the weight as well as temperature of one or more bee colony. This data can be collected additionally to weather data.


Our weatherstations have many different and precise sensors available. You can configure them to meet your requirements. The entire platform is solar powered and self-sufficient.


Our Agrosensors are Weatherstations combined with additional sensors that are important for farming.

Theft protection

The theft protection can be hidden inside the hive or at any other locations. When moved an alert is sent via text message and the position is continuously tracked via GPS.

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Radio data transmission

Your data is transmitted to the web using radio communication. You can choose between the LoRa® and Sigfox® technology. Advantages of the LoRa® technology are higher range and no recurring infrastructure cost. the Sigfox® network provides existing infrastructure in all of europe. You don't have to worry about coverage.

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Datastorage in the cloud

your data is securely stored on our servers and can be accessed only by you. You have full access to your data and can also export it for analysis in other tools or it can be accessed automatically by third party software.

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Integrated Visualisation

Our frontend provides a state of the art visualisation. This includes many different types of visualisations and data transformations.

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Unser Ziel ist es, landwirtschaftliche Unternehmen dabei zu unterstützen, effizienter mit ihren Betriebsmitteln zu wirtschaften und dabei Geld zu sparen und die Umwelt zu schonen. Wir tun dies mit Sensortechnik und Technologie aus dem IoT Bereich, um mit geringen Kosten eine maximale Unterstützung bei den Notwendigen Entscheidungen zu leisten, die Landwirte jeden Tag treffen.